We Care 2 is a local charity for the local community of Hervey Bay. In 2016 we were recognised by the Fraser Coast Regional Council as the “Community Group of the Year”.

We know that stronger individuals make for stronger families which make for a stronger community and thus a stronger nation. Our goal is to empower people to live fulfilling and productive lives. To achieve that We Care 2, with support from many other community groups, has put together some different programs to help families and individuals.

One of the catch phrases of our times is “Together We Can”, and we are so proud to be working with so many organisations to be able to achieve all that we do. Whether you are a supplier of goods, a supporting organisation, a volunteer or a client, “Together We Can” make a difference to this community. We can change people’s lives, we can change people’s circumstances. More than one individual has been rescued from the dark depression that leads to suicide. We have seen lives changed and enhanced.
We Care 2 strives to work with others to change our community for the better and we would love to work in partnership with you in any level. Together We Can make a huge difference in our community.